Quality Crafted Picture Frames

Each Picture Frame is Hand-Crafted

Here at Frame And Fine Art, we strive to provide you with the best quality product. For us, that means putting the love in, by hand. Each piece of custom framing is given special attention and carefully refined to it's unique picture frame perfection.

Made From Real Hardwood

You won't find any plastic or veneered picture frames here at Frame And Fine Art. We only make genuine quality hardwood picture frames.  The hardwoods are obtained in their raw form. They are then cut, planed, routed, sanded, and sealed to show every elegant detail of the wood's natural luminous beauty.

Quality Custom Framing Made Easy

Upholding our standards in quality enables us to create the exact picture frame you desire.  Custom Framing with us is as simple as requesting it.  Call 518-925-9324, or send us a Contact Form, and we'd be happy to create a distinguished frame design just for you.